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Elbert County Democratic Party
"Providing Real Solutions for Elbert County"
"Participation--that's what's going to save the human race." --Pete Seeger
County Update
Elbert County Democrats
elected officers Feb. 7, 2015
Chairperson - Jill Duvall
1st Vice Chair - Tony Corrado
2nd Vice Chair - Robert Thomasson
Secretary - Patty Sward
Treasurer- Susan Shick

The state Democrats have formed a "Colorado Democrats Rural Initiative, " the purpose of which is to promote and give voice to issues that are of concern to rural Coloradans including but not limited to economic wellbeing, access to quality affordable health care, quality public education, and environmental quality. The group will also assist rural county party organizations to encourage and promote candidates and extend visibility and community outreach. Jill Duvall of Elbert County is serving on the executive committee of this group.

2015 Will Be A Year to Remember!
About the Elbert County Democratic Party
The Elbert County Democratic Party is dedicated to furthering positive solutions to issues currently facing Elbert County in particular and Colorado in general. We will engage in the political process at the grassroots level and by being present at events/meetings in our county. Come join us as we make a progressive statement in the place we call home......Elbert County Colorado.
State Democratic Convention
Feb. 28, 2015

New Officers Elected:
Chairman - Rick Palacio
1st Vice Chair - Bev Ryken
2nd Vice Chair - Barbara Jones
Secretary - Martelle Daniels
Treasurer - Christopher Ott