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Letter to Editor
Jill Duvall
Letter to Editor
Bob Seay
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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Election

Never a dull moment in the political process in Elbert County government!

On the road to the election for county commissioner in District 1, it was discovered that one of the candidates (who had been certified to run for office by our county clerk) DID NOT, in fact, live in District 1. As a result, the vacancy committee of the Elbert County Democrats has appointed me, Jill Duvall, to run for county commissioner in District 1.

Yes, I have run for this office before. Yes, I fully understand the uphill battle a Democrat faces in Elbert County. Yes, I understand the difficulty of giving Republicans permission to vote for a non-Republican in Elbert County.....and Yes, I understand the challenges that require immediate and corrective action to right the ship in our county.

However, I have remained engaged, active and very involved attending county commissioner meetings, planning commission meetings, and agenda/staff meetings.....many times as the only county citizen in attendance.

My campaign will be based on COMMON SENSE.....NOT MORE OF THE SAME.

My focus will be:

  • Budgeting: reprioritize spending to focus on the departments that create revenue. Produce, analyze and make available a monthly financial statement.....you can't manage what you can't measure.
  • Serving the citizens: open the county offices 5 days/week, schedule meetings to fit citizens' schedules (i.e., nights and weekends, town hall meetings, etc.), improve customer service.
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  • County administration: hire candidates whose resumes match the job description (end crony-ism.....I'm obviously not part of the good ol' boys' club), end employee contracts with outlandish golden parachutes/severance packages.
  • Roads: fix and repair roads CORRECTLY the first time by engaging with other counties to improve our processes.

I bring fresh insights and common sense solutions compared to the group that has been in charge in our county for the past 30+ years. The clinical definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over, yet expecting a different outcome. Let's stop the insanity and bring in common sense.

Unlike my opponent Chris Richardson, I am NOT ENDORSED by Commissioner Robert Rowland. I consider that a favor!

In addition to my Democratic support, many Republicans and Independents have encouraged me to run for office and are supporting me in this campaign. I am ready for the challenge!

--Jill Duvall

Republicans for Jill Duvall

Elbert County Fair 2016
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Bob Seay, candidate for Congressional District 4 (running against Ken Buck).

You can read more about Bob's campaign, volunteer and donate at www.bobseayforcolorado.org

We admire a person who will accept a tough challenge...running blue in a red district...however, Mr. Buck does not represent the interests of the majority of Eastern Coloradans, so we need to do everything we can to help Bob win this election in 2016 and send someone to Congress who will actually fight for our needs...not the needs of the corporations which support Mr. Buck."


Declared Democratic candidates for county commissioner to replace Larry Ross, Robert Rowland and Kelly Dore:
District 1 - Jill Duvall
District 2 - Donald Charobee
District 3 - Barbara Miller

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The Elbert County Democratic Party continues to be focused on solutions to some of the issues that face Elbert County residents.

For more information, contact me.
Jim Duvall Chairperson
Elbert County Democratic Party

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Michael Bennet for Colorado: 

Kathleen Conway for Colorado House District 64: 

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