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Elbert County Democratic Party
"Providing Real Solutions for Elbert County"
Vic Meyers, candidate for
Congressional District 4
Don Quick, candidate for
Attorney General
Joe Neguse, candidate for
Secretary of State
The Elbert County Democratic Party supports the following items:

1. That all elections should be publicly funded.

2. The establishment of regulations that ensure the freedom from health hazards for humans and animals and/or environmental degradation resulting from any form of energy extraction. We support the following to accomplish this goal:
- Closed loop systems for extraction operations.
- Statewide baseline testing for water and air quality.
- Well casing extended for the full depth of the borehole.
- Set backs of 1,000 feet for all well sites.
- Recycling of flowback water.

3. A Federal minimum wage that is tied to inflation to bring people out of poverty and to help our economy.

4. More investment in our country's education system including school infrastructure, teacher and student resources, and support of federal and state requirements only when fully funded.

5. Development of immigration reform which includes a path to citizenship for emigrants and cessation of punishment for those emigrants who are not legal citizens.

6. We are against the development of the TransCanada/Keystone pipeline, which will cause undue potential for environmental and health hazards, not substantially increase full-time jobs, and will not increase our energy resource from oil as the useable product will be exported.

7. The establishment of a state office required to investigate valid citizen complaints and empowered to investigate public officials and departments as needed. Actionable items will be referred to the appropriate enforcement authority.

Jill Duvall
Chairperson, EC Dems
Elbert County Democrats Platform
"Participation--that's what's going to save the human race." --Pete Seeger