Elbert County Democratic Party

"Providing Real Solutions for Elbert County"

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Elizabash Stampede Parade - June 2016
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There will be NO Dems' Social in July....library room is unavailable. However, we will have our regularly scheduled Social in August - on 8/13 from 3-5pm in the meeting room at the Elizabeth Library. Speakers for the August meeting will be Bob Seay, Democratic candidate for CD4 (against Ken Buck) and Kathleen Conway, candidate for HD64 at the state level. Please join us for an informative gathering.....and get to know your FUTURE REPRESENTATIVES!

We also need EC Dems to tend the booth at the county fair - from August 3 - August 7. Please email Jill Duvall at jduvall908@aol.com if you can help us out.

Bob Seay, candidate for Congressional District 4 (running against Ken Buck).

You can read more about Bob's campaign, volunteer and donate at www.bobseayforcolorado.org

We admire a person who will accept a tough challenge...running blue in a red district...however, Mr. Buck does not represent the interests of the majority of Eastern Coloradans, so we need to do everything we can to help Bob win this election in 2016 and send someone to Congress who will actually fight for our needs...not the needs of the corporations which support Mr. Buck."


Declared Democratic candidates for county commissioner to replace Larry Ross and Robert Rowland:
District 1 - Marie Soderberg
District 3 - Barbara Miller

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The Elbert County Democratic Party continues to be focused on solutions to some of the issues that face Elbert County residents.

For more information, contact me.
Jill Duvall Chairperson
Elbert County Democratic Party

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Revised Elbert County Democratic Party Caucus Resolutions

1. Support Constitutional Amendment and/or Legislation Declaring Corporations Are Not People and Money Is Not Free Speech
2. Equal Pay for Women
3. Eliminate the Electoral College
4. Eliminate Super Delegates
5. Eliminate the Caucus and Move to a Primary
6. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Federal Laws
7. Support Planned Parenthood with Government Funding
8. Expand Medicare for All
9. Reauthorize the Voting Rights Act
10. Automatic Voter Registration for Every Citizen at 18 Years of Age
11. Support Single Issue Legislation
12. Eliminate Public Funding for Charter Schools
13. Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases
14. Free Public Education through Bachelor’s Degree or Trade School Equivalent In Public Institutions
15. Restructure Student Loans with Allowance for Bankruptcy
16. Mandatory GMO Labeling
17. Accelerate Elimination of Subsidies for Fossil Fuels and Accelerate Subsidies For Renewables and Alternative Energy Services
18. Prohibit Legislators from Accepting Contributions from Lobbyists
19. Eliminate Income Cap on Social Security Contributions
20. Increase Funding for Public Education
21. Restore All Funds Withdrawn from Social Security Fund and Eliminate Any Future Withdrawals
22. Repeal Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act to End Decades of Wage Discrimination against People with Disabilities
23. Amend Federal Anti-discrimination Laws to Include All Persons Regardless of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation

The above resolutions were voted on and passed at the Elbert County Democratic Party Assembly on March 5, 2016.

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Michael Bennet for Colorado: 

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