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Elbert County Democratic Party
"Providing Real Solutions for Elbert County"
"Participation--that's what's going to save the human race." --Pete Seeger
All Good Things Must Come to an End!

Some of us have been using a Safeway Gift Card to provide a small rebate on purchases made at Safeway to the Elbert County Democratic Party.

However, Safeway has ended this practice: "beginning in 2015, we will change our Community Giving Card Program to exclude participation by all organizations with a political purpose."

Your cards will continue to be honored until the full value has been depleted.

We appreciate those who took advantage of this program, but wanted to make sure you are notified of the program's end....we have received our last check from Safeway.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support. We look forward to your participation in our county activities in 2015.

We need to start thinking....NOW....about candidates to run for county offices in 2016. If you have any interest or questions, please contact me.

The fight is far from over in Elbert County....but together we can make a difference!

Jill Duvall. Chair
Elbert County Democrats