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Elbert County Democratic Party
"Providing Real Solutions for Elbert County"
Vic Meyers, candidate for
Congressional District 4
Don Quick, candidate for
Attorney General
Joe Neguse, candidate for
Secretary of State
For the first time in Colorado, the upcoming election on November 4 will be an all-mail-in general election. You may also vote in person at the county courthouse starting October 20. In addition, you may also drop off your completed ballot at Wal-Mart in Elizabeth (without postage). If you mail in your ballot, attach 2 stamps. There will also be voting centers open on Election Day at the Elizabeth Library, Spring Valley Golf Course, and the county courthouse in Kiowa (on the second floor, in the BOCC room). If you have any questions, please call the county clerk.

The Coordinated Campaign of Colorado has opened a campaign office in Parker....serving Democratic candidates. Stop by and pick up bumper stickers and yard signs. The address is: 10490 S. Dransfeldt, Suite 103, Parker.

On the local county level, there are no Democrats running for offices. I would encourage you to study the candidates that are running and make your choices depending on:
1) the experience and background of the candidates
2) the involvement these candidates have had in the past serving on citizen advisory commit-tees, attending meetings, and assuming leadership roles in the county
3) applicable qualifications of candidates
4) willingness of candidates to work with both sides of the aisle

Elbert County is in a deep hole.....our commissioners continue to spend more money than we take in, hire unqualified employees, mire the county in unnecessary lawsuits, and refuse to work with any citizens who might have ideas that differ from theirs. So do your homework and work to elect candidates that will forge the necessary alliances to lift our county out of these dire straits.

Jill Duvall
Elbert County Democrats
"Participation--that's what's going to save the human race." --Pete Seeger